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tv   Action News  ABC  April 10, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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>> iis thsday nit, and yue lookingt the b sory "aion news"
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tnht, a deructi toado tat t illiis toght, and 7 lewest of chico. adhis w on e of svel tsters accompied b hail a daging wind and te e reon we're paying a godeal atttion toll of tiwe uld see the same waer pattn come tomrow, hr a subantial rtion the mdst and sou were cover b tordo warngs a sens tday more tha700 fligs re cnled at chigs oare arr we' stilwaiting t ar aut damage repos frothe twisters thselves. hpullyhey won'be sve. >> nels to y mteogt cecy tynan wll ve her eye train on dub an radar torrow ccy,e shou make it cea at the fa just bcausehe se syem hadingur way tt doe't mawe will be tnado aly cme torrow. > th is exacy rht j. w' gettg a piecof the sorm syem and iwi be wking heading ea. lvdouble scan showg what
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w' tra ago th ld fo that spae16 repted trdoes today that is over ilois. tasyst will be tracking es btow presse with mostf te energy wl be missing up to e nor. in e meantehead the cld ont we ve a warm fo. thawill comei some sowe, and some fog and oce it lts off to the nr, y will feel a g cangin the r ms. te rig now we have wd out of e north eas 4 grees. taisow will be tmrow moing when k hato schohenou head t wor yuill still want a wter cat the morng. oce tt rm fro f theorth by lchtime weill gt wind ouof the sout crntly temperures aren te 70. teyi hit 80's in midst td. so will lely be 3 deees waer mr ten were toy. yu wl feelhe dfee. btlrdy a proem with fg. vsility down to 4 mes in pidehia an hour and a hlf ago it was 10 mil. tond a half miles in rang wilmgton a
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lncaer. twond aalf intlantic cty aiort. wewe ve a warmront that cees cdensationnd that cus the fog. tiis wt you can expe tmorw. fogor e morng comme andhowers. mday pea sshine, tmratures soaring in the 7's. we u see sunshe y hava bett teat of seve wath with downurs and gs tnderstor. i will ta abt that and wekdn theull accu weaer forast, jim. > celyth"action news" mrni teawill be traing te stmy weher a any efec on e mning rush hufrom the ick fog accu waeis eecng plea jithem beginning at 43a.m. >>unmanoght shot a cically injur a surity gardt hdquarters of the cens bureau in surban wsngton. ple tn csed t g man i the dirict a accdi to offialsshot hm ithe ad on east srt northet. at leged guan is now dea te all cleahas been sued, at the census buru. >>nvestigators are tryg to dermine
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the causef the twhoe fire in oill a bks county tonit. fre fighrs we call to te00 block of pne cou sholy aft 8: olock. wen ty arrid, as were soing toh the t of. frtute, nodyas ijedut a nehbing town hmwas dame. >>e now he the optuni toee extly wat ppened dung and after teraic st tt end wita poce officer in soh crola shoong a a fleng ssct in the bac "ction new repter shaie wlams is live fm the stlite center tonig. a ha rept share, teid oicer micel sarow chard with murr i a nave omount laur new jeey. > porter: yes, indeed he hsies toouth jers jim. w n kws of today th dshamidefrom the pole cuer was reased toda i shs brief chge btwe oicer slager and wlt scot i also ctured scott openi hs car dr and then runng awa tis is theasham video
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from offer michl sges ptl car. te foote ctushat hpned leadg up the traffictophat ended a dadly shoong. yuee slar, flowing wlr scott hot dring a mrdes. acding tohe poce repo sar pued scott over for a bon tailght, north caeston pole ofcer then apaches scots ca > n i see your licee and rgtration. > rerter: sler returns to his prol car and tn for a mment scott gets ouof the mrdes. > ay in the the ca > he is instrucd to get bck inse his car. mmen later ott bos from te vehie and tak o rnng. sar gives chase. te dh cam videoo not sow momts that follows or te deadly shoong. wat hpe next is kno olbae of th video recded by an eyitness. teast sends of sct's lfe we recoed by fein san t a slager
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raded tt so gbis ter. snna sa that is not wha he saw. > undl > repoer: ree teye od aras bn charg with mder so now fired cp gw up inoh jsey, atdi lena high schl i medfd and growi in tis quietot laul niborhood. > was a nice ki reay wa > rept: today's slager eoonamher spoke out for teirst te. > iope god takes ca of eerydy invoed not only m famy but the ott faly bcse i knowhey are grievg too like i'm giing iwt them to know th. > porter: the north carl tpo lee department said offics tried to adminier frstid and pr. tat witns we heard fr in te story m san t he sidihe t see that hpn, jim. lvfrom the satlite cnr, arrie williams for
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cann s "tion new. >>ult holes ddled a car na24 and wolf this atnoon south philalphia. alaw n recovered the vhlet9 and de land i unersity ci. plea y to late e scd vecle. one guhot vict in the hospil theniversity of pnnlnia. a psible suspts was being hld by unersity of pnnsvania police. >> cster cnty bus dir has been chg f alegly leang a seven yaold alone on the hool vn f hou. sx-six yeaold iver rslund nr wasid imialy afrhe icent. tnhhis fing two cus of chd endangment. ple say renn picked up te lile girl from her we go he but nev dropd hr ofat the l ang knrrnent in kennh sue. seas fnd six hours lat in e school bus parng l si bkled io her seat. >> t north philelphia wmawho fedel agentsay ws tryi to join isi will
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b hel behi bs, unt hr trl. ajge led tay that the 30 year-d keoa thas is a fit risk and thato t comnity. pocutors say that the ueloyed th of t bughticke d a pno gt to other use and in te t terror grou een goinas f as scide msons. ol"action news" was at her hme lake march as f aes raided t place. outsi of urt toy her fmy who stillives there hs had no mment eept to sy thas is a good wom. >>ou may rember the scutbreach at pidehia inteational arrt three a ago. a a csr county m smash through rimeter fn dre like a mad man dwn e ruay. a new inveiti rert t tnig said it is not as up cmmon would u imagi. scitbreaches at airpts ntnwide ve had hundds o mes over t past decade ad phadphia inteatnal
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ws the secd wor. "acon new repoer da cell has more. > poe an eaustive aalys by the asciated pe it fou post 91 fm 2004 tough 201 inude hvhopped fees slipd pst guardues, crash trgh gateor breached perit securi the ntn's biest airrts. at phadelphia internional i 201 kennh may sick ran hs suv rough a ga and seon euny as plane cring pple was about t land. arrfic conolle had to tel75 aircrt to crmstance willnd held 8 her planes t ground frbout a half an hr. tppi list of airrt scity inusio, san fancco. wt37 incidts. nterthfous here is that pidelphiaame in seco wt25 iidents. > t nber itself is bad btt is the ki of behes, thathe airpt scity opla gog to lok at are cefully. > roe all ap fnd 268 incides at maj
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arptao t couny, mrthan ha aseven arrts lied belo tatay be an uer unt bcsewo aposf the 31 sryed did n have data a fr all years whi four oths bost's lon anne york city is tee main arpos refused to relee ay infmao > th gives the aport the the ptunity to do a fu rvi. iwld think if i ran the arrt and this came my way, fir a t a wode on e pne with me. > poer: while none wer linked to teorism t ps higight gae airpt scity post 9/. oe ys thimight be next vlrable area for teort a is hd get the bmon the pla thrgh cepots. >> anif y caoget the bmon the plane, gettgt costthelane and csing texplosion to cau e lsof fe and the teor tat is close enoh f the trrost goodann cul reporng from philadelia itertional airpt. tas, dann. >>uition willot go up nxt ar in pennlvania 14 ste oed universiti.
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if a go a accdingo the gvernos plan. td the bod thatvsees te high educion syst tntavely aged to the tion freen exchange for a4million-doar incrse i ste aid. gvnor tom wolfequted tain s budt propal bt toy deal is coingent uon the repuin ctroed lglate arovi the et mone titi is curntly $6,820 fr an in ste redent. in philelphia a a group o fishtn resents met tnhtor an updaten effts tsave a church th srd philalphia's fst plish cholics. si launtiusas found in 182 d age has ken its tl pidelpa arch tie ease sys it would cost almo thr a a hf mlli-dollar to repr the cack eeor and the tows. tehchas been clos sn last yea n te has been set yet for dmotn. >>emorial services were heldn beambucks cnt
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fr a man who had bn the odt aive fire pice ofern e united stat. fre figersr throhout te area pd ibute to john dsrho ed last week at te age of 9 h seedhe edl fire cmpyn leviown for more ta80 a. >> cing up on a "action nw tonight tayr swi mkea hrtlt plea, a pa t r fs after a heart sa in her fily. >> d't painthesm and wm wh the oad bru mna malps owss how a wr reno philelphia a pogr is turng around u teiv oformer felo. >>o u rember this? yu m try to forg but the gverent s wning for dirs in this ar abo dnr lking under ur car ateallhe sny da cci. wther danger brg morng fog a afrnoon sos, we willhow wh you ae has the be chan of seg sere srms and wh tiall mes for your wendn the au wther
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frect. >>hilliesnhe ruer gme agast e red sox. cnhey win the first sers of t seas? jff skvers has the aner a ction ne" coins tnig.
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>> the potical front tnht a dicatnthat are hilry ion is just dys awayrom annncing her cndyor esident. aaording to abc ws dmratfili th cion pns, say that a anncement couldo as soas suay. cion haseas offi sacin brolyn th will ser as her campgn hauarters. >>ecrac candites f my of phadelph shared te ids tonit on ises scas educion, job dvopme, fordle hung and blic saty. tey appred at a forum held b t phidelphia asiation of bla jurnist, and the commity clge of phadehia. >>hidehia mul arts
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pogr is celratin ya autifying the city. i so sucssful that00 oh cits in the u.s. and dz couri are askg for ave w to copy. bthe is a back sry you am not know. mna malps is jning us wth mo on that sty, and qui a sry it is. > porte its a is mnng jim. te pgr stard as a w t direct desuctive gai artists b it has go io an inteationally accim oam botf rnatinpublic spas but mre impoantly for rblding bren lis. they use econvictsnd at rsk chilen the piings. 300 muraln orn pidelphia buiis bies and higays, giving or city t wld lgest otor art gally. te murals and jact lnci are ofn th catalt for traforming strgli nghborhoods. sdnly fks sta picng
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u ash anraint pnyaningheir mes aa. bthere is more tothen bis and mortar. te theub text is th 40 the at risk chilen hvbeen redect and 0 e-nvic he been rclaed from the stres. i ta to o convicted drug dars and a qck mderer wore now law ading tax pyg artist > i we from ing a number ad a inma to cored in pi like ing somhing tai loveo a giving bcin a potive way. > wn't for them i dn't know whe i woulde rg now. icou be lock up, orn the srt. >> st on the stre real ngi in a out of the jailike drug dear and gi no wre. tey ange my lif > rerra w sty by yluniversi shows stunng po thath are not e excepon. oly 1perct othe form pise n in e mur ats ogm coin cis. tat i 6is bter than te natial reat rate.
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ad 100 rcent othe at risk ciren in mural arts gadue from high scol atishgsince it is due philelphia gh shool graation rate. > eryone is fdg this fscang because we are sei a impa. we ve dah shows use areovg t ndle and tt i thriing. > pte w, pidelphis hopi at lnn, re, dlin, mai sdney, toront montal and cts in isra stt ieical progms ich is qi a legacy and growin > e numbers a seccar. > try unheard of >> at ishy evebodin teorld wantto do it. > nicathank you. >>n heal check at 1: alimight te is a sme label to telto mke healier cic at the goce or cc resechers found tt in a sury supmaet shoppe tyo cut back on st were mch ke reach for ite wta low sodm bel on the fontf the bo eethough sodi ctent s alwa en a avaible on
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nutrion bs on the bk or de moryf the poe don't te the efrt t lo. cmratily six in ten poe noticed the low salt sa othe fro. to quali for low sodiu lbshe f.d. says food mst have le than 10illigrams per serng. n the sjectf sa fdal fety regulars have isu an urgent warng to dirs pennlvaanew jry and delawa folwing tirough winter seon. tewant to you wch th uderde of ur car cae o all the road salt. fvyealg invtigation b tional highw traff sfe aistriofound corsive ro lt was to ba f sng brake fld pip on 5illi older pick ups and suv' te adsory pes to mols fom 2007 or younr. yuunr crge is in tolef you got road st ud the from the wier.
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>> aithe pothes too. > deed. >> it seen rough. or weatr is getng rou tomoow well. wrmir but teat of some sos sorm track x live dole sashowing tt right now w do ve a few sttered light sorsnth a west of pidelphnd clusr of tuerstorms near baime ae ofhe warm front that i movi thrgh morrow by midorni and with that wll become i shod s a big cae inhe a mass. scday in a row stuck in te low 40' 4 grs the t hh, that i 19egrees bel noal hg tais typical of early fbary not apl and tmratures are holdi sey tonht. 4 grees in phadelphia tenn0. mlille 41. te is a lit wind chill fcr th makes it fls lk34 readg. fe li 31 in lansr. yueed wint coat tonit ad eay tomoow morng but teweill get se chges. dublscan live shing that
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hrs the warm front at wlbring us owers and hrs tt cold fnt th sawn 16 report tordoes td and that syst will be hang our way. i wi be wkening but it wlbring us aftnoon th ae stor. teroblem inhe moing toh the dzzle and fog ciy breeze and tperatus wilbe othe cool side at eg 44 drees at 6:4 fture tracr showi nothi that gani at 70n the mrng. we llave fognd areas of dile. as head ely in the ateron notice uth of pidelphia some cleari cntions and nice the srmlines outf the uth. tat ll be pullg up warr ar day le torrow areas that se thsshine haveave a btr chance of seve waer. fte tracrhong around dinnehour a eveni comte that is when cold fo will eep in ape bii us poibility of tundetms. chan of seve wth btr chance soutof the pnylvania turnke. wathis mea is could co wth daging win gus even
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psbilityfome sll hi lowerhancof th haeni nr othe turike wree wll see more cld a clo wll abilize the atmohere. bhi is syst surday hgh prsure builds i usne bk. bey. 6 deees. our weher is beer sny. te excsive seven d frast morning fog midday sn, stof pladehia, ad tn eveng tuerstorm 7 stuay eezy and cool. te ne day for the unn game2. sny gorgeo 65 dree gts better xt we. mnday mostly suy 72 grees, atherice mny, tuesday paly suy fnal a dry tuday 7o wdsday another day wi tmratus in the 70's a tuday cloudy day an colsff with a high of only 6. of cour did muhy will b moniring db an live tmrow morng wi t pssitoforng fog and mre dasn the timinof tehen a stos in the atnoo yloswift realed td her moth a has ncer.
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teerks cnty nave de te aouncementn tuler we she wants to keep detlsrivateut wand her fnto ow what is gng on. si wrethat for crim she asd hemom gt hlth screenineven toh at the time tre were in d fgs and her moth flt fe. si is encouring her fans t remine the pares to
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was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. ame three ofhe r gme sies, philes/r so > y s this much th san but phlies gogor a series win. jnhan papelb does not felike a plly. wl phiies don't feel le te phlies. eptis a low tearenosition to win te firsters agnst a poct rld sers cnteer. don throw away the seon jsy t tonig agait bsn dav buchan tows this way. dsaeenss. to bters lers, bases lad sne victino to tird. piies dn e to nothg. bcnan wal the run. bg blo t oop tor rig, takes a strange unce
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rg there, a away from jeff faoeur, d ca him tr runs in. piles downive to noin een their pitcr nevebats jsn mass furs gets t ri sine. the bhanan a done. chaed wh all thef the runs. piieso six-o. they ve dpped o ofhree t art the the year. >>lyerseason end satday btraig bery sayse is cndenhwill be back the beh next yea bry clas he doesn't thi ao his job stas b gm rnextall has thinkinto d. vin lacalier puhing low i eean is vin pning keyinal. lcalr wlleave with an up body inju. fysorc toit back. ran murp beats ray emer telye wn two to nothg. fn three minus. fye kit intesting. tepull emy. san cturi rerect in font flys on e bod wiin oe. andhen fin minut wah ticlaude giro for the tefrom the poin
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wdopen n. wat a se, c a. ward cn add empty netr. fye lose tee-one. i is thr 12 stight lost aain a non-pyoff team. >>ixers foard nerns nespidight k is in dnoh shehat he hs been ruled out satury's gmei the lls. h lefaran the waing bot a cod besi line the rst the seaso >> s nso pass along lgdary dly news sortriter exton homa pasd away at the the age of 8. hcan stted at the day nws 1959. h w a sporcaster here at cael six in the
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>>ormeragl todd hean adrent cole retn to the lnto en up agait eaes i augu. folwi inanolis bird hose btimore and play fina to otheoad agait grn baynd je. >> fst round of the masrs hws tir wds do. wl t st onine end upn te fr waof a complely dfrent hol nxshot it is back over to nne. bgeys, ter fishg ps one. ted for foy-first. srgio garc y back hangg with the fs o14. hw abt the chip st frbder i. gra ur unde fr shots bhd the lear, jord se hoi eight unr. h is the youe first round msts lead er. h is jus21 yes ol he is t favore going frrd.
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> tn je. >>inly cilar renaors mah to the lbty ll tay to cmmorate the 150t h anerry of e end of t wr on is y in 18 union gnal, grantnd conderate gner rort lee set ter fr confedate srender and edour arof oodshed. tey also some llly tped te liber bell to honor eftsor han righ td. >>immy kim live next flwed byight line. "con new coinues at 430 with tama was, matt odne, vid muhy and kren rgers with tffic. fr cecily tyn jeff svskynd dus rodrs a te enti "action new tea imim ganer, gd nig.
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